Always Learning, Always Growing



Always Learning, Always Growing

Posted By : Gary/ 1605

A Traveller Is Always Learning

It’s never a good idea to assume you are done. We are never done learning in life. You can have a PhD, a badge that declares you know everything or just be well read. You’ll never be the expert. An expert yes, but not theĀ expert. You need to always keep your mind open, learn to admit when you don’t fully understand something and ensure you consider when you are wrong. This weekend I’ve embarked on improving the tours offered by The Keltic Ginger and Student Tours Scotland. I travelled to Falkland in Fife and failed to achieve what I wanted with our new Outlander tour. However I did discover (thanks to help from a woman in Campbells Cafe) exciting new paths and trails that might be the saving grace for our St. Andrews tours makeover. So watch this space.

I’m also one of the first to admit that I rely more on the story telling side of Scotland and less on the history. So over the last few weeks I’ve been taking part in a Future Learn, free course from the University of Glasgow about the Highland Clans. It’s been a great and fun insight into aspects and points of view I would never have considered. It’s sparked a desire for wanting more and I think I’ll be spending a great amount of time over the next few months working my way through the many books I’ve written down to check out on the subject.

Don’t stop learning folks. Get out and get into the things you enjoy and open your mind to some more.