Coffee, Donuts and Inverness



Coffee, Donuts and Inverness

Posted By : Gary/ 1418

Our tours are not all sightseeing. Sometimes the urge gets too strong. A need, a desire, overcomes all other things. The primal desire for caffeine leads me through a city until I find what I am looking for.

This weekend, in the City of Inverness, my nose for a good coffee session took me to Academy Street near the train station. I could sense it, I could feel it. Coffee was near but something else was overwhelming my usual caffeine-dar. There was the sugary, sweet taste of donuts in the air. Suddenly it unfolded before me, as Coyote Coffee and Donuts was thrust into my sense of smell.

From the minute I entered i was in heaven. Donuts, more donuts and even donut-like things were everywhere. The jam donut, the most basic of the fancy kinds of ringed pastries, was a treat to look at, with that pesky gooey centre contained and easy to access. No fear of it dripping down my shirt today!

The staff were wonderful, the coffee hit the spot and the donuts, well let’s just say the donuts were to die for. Touring in Inverness will not be the same without a visit to this awesome wee place now. Get your butts down Academy Street and into Coyote Coffee and Donuts if you’re up there. You won’t regret (unless you go too late in the day and all the donuts have been taken by this ginger).