The Limit Does Not Exist



The Limit Does Not Exist

Posted By : Gary/ 1539

Scotland is limitless, endless. I mean, obviously that’s not true in the literal sense but it really does feel like the discoveries just continue. After years of touring, even just to the same old places, I find myself uncovering new places, ideas and memories. Glenfinnan just looks so great every time we go and yet I’ve never really paid attention to the river that runs under the bridge.

The River Finnan passes under the Glenfinnan Viaduct near the spot where tourists gather to watch for the magic, the train. Of course the train doesn’t always come but that doesn’t stop the hearts and minds racing and imaginations running wild. Yet few notice the stream of water that flows by.

Under the bridge is this wonderful wee spot where you can feel so small compared to the structure looming above. You can watch the water rush along and listen as the bubbling and flowing creates a musical harmony that is just wonderful to hear.

Look out for your own unique spots in the places you go to every day. You might just get surprised.