Our Story

Student Tours Scotland started on 10 January 2012 with one simple goal: ensure everyone coming to visit Scotland (and especially Glasgow) leaves with a piece of this country firmly lodged in their very soul. Scotland is a wonderful place and Glasgow is a fantastic city. We want you to appreciate and enjoy your time here so that it becomes the best experience of your life thus far. Our tours take you from the dizzy heights of the hills around Glasgow to the very forests, lochs, castles, gardens and coasts of Scotland at large. No time in Scotland is well spent unless you have taken a Student Tours Scotland trip.

Our Offer

Coach Tours

Our Coach Day trips are all run with a private coach company. We hire a quality coach to take you around. We travel in style with stories and games on the journey - we do not want to bore you. We aim to spend as much time off the bus as possible.

City Walks

Your guide will show you everything and tell you all you need. You'll get stories and legends along the way and plenty of history and dark tales to keep you going. Maps are provided so you can go off by yourself as well.

Private Hire

We are available for hire. This will be your private and personalised sightseeing tour to suit your tempo and interests. Changes to the day's plan, according to the options available, can be accommodated to suit your requirements.

Your Guide

My name is Gary and I’ve been touring around this fine country we call Scotland since September 2007. I was never that interested in sightseeing at home until I started working with students from outside of our borders. Suddenly I could see a richness, a beauty and a greatness that Scotland has to offer. Working with such amazing people from all across the globe gave me the chance to see my own city with fresh eyes. I love Glasgow and I have a passion for Scotland that I like to think is unique. I hope you will enjoy the stories, effort, care and attention I bring to the tours. I will even try and remember your name before the trip is over.

Gary R Brown

Tour Guide

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Email: gary@thekelticginger.com